Robert E. Travaglini

On January 1, 2003, Robert E. Travaglini raised his right hand and promised to uphold the laws of the Commonwealth as the 93rd President of the Massachusetts State Senate. The road that led to the Senate Presidency was paved with the experience of five Senate terms and ten years on the Boston City Council. When he

stepped down in March of 2007, Travaglini’s presidency had initiated and passed landmark legislation and some of the most productive Senate sessions in modern times.

After graduating from St. Dominic Savio High School in East Boston, Travaglini received his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Boston State College in 1974. His thirst for knowledge and driving work ethic

carried him on to Boston University’s School of Public Communications. The first opportunity to apply these skills came as an Executive Assistant to Massachusetts Attorney General Frank Bellotti from 1975 to1981.  The following three years he continued work in the public sector as an Administrative Assistant to the Mayor of Boston, Kevin White.  Travaglini decided to enter his name in the political arena as a candidate for the Boston City Council. The spirited young man from District One quickly gained a reputation as a staunch defender of neighborhoods. From the Boston City Council to the Senate President’s office, Travaglini has always placed his loyalty with his constituents.

After his election to the State Senate in 1992, Travaglini rose steadily through the ranks of leadership. Among his important chairmanships, he led the Joint Committee on Commerce and Labor and served as vice-chair of

Senate Ways and Means. During the outset of his fourth term, Travaglini was appointed the Senate Majority Whip and then served as Senate Chair of the Massachusetts Legislative Children’s Caucus.

During what he describes as the pinnacle of his long career in public service, Travaglini has guided his 39 Senate colleagues through the worst fiscal conditions in the state since the 1920’s. He encouraged them to employ innovative strategies to revamp the government structure as well as bring transparency to the legislative process. The results? Four balanced and on-time budgets, dozens of reform initiatives that have opened access to healthcare

and human services and policies and investments to help create jobs and trigger private development in a stagnant economy.  The experience and skill from a lifetime of public service allowed Travaglini to place Massachusetts on the forefront of medical research by passing legislation to protect and promote stem cell research. He also initiated the drive and brought all of the stakeholders to the table in overhauling the state’s healthcare system to cover the 500,000 people who have no insurance.

Robert E. Travaglini has guided his life of public service through diligence and integrity. Along the way, he has been able to share his challenges and joys with his wife Kelly, daughters Taylor and Jennifer, and son Andrew.