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Established in 2003, the Hall of Fame recognizes and honors former outstanding UMass Boston/Boston State College student-athletes, coaches, administrators and friends of the athletics program for their accomplishments and services to the Department of Athletics. The names and honors of the inductees will be displayed permanently in the Clark Athletic Center.

Student Athlete, Coach, Administrator/Staff, Alumnus/Contributor, Team

Nominees must have contributed significantly to and made an impact on, the Department of Athletics.  Consideration should also be given to an individual who has contributed to campus life and the community during and after leaving the institution.  Nominees must have attended UMass Boston/Boston State and participated in one sport for at least three seasons at the institution.  It is recommended that athletes become eligible for nomination 5 years after leaving the institution.  Athletes will have graduated from the institution and have achieved a minimum of first team all-conference.  Special consideration may be given by the committee in instances of a degree obtained at another institution.  A waiver may be given to those individuals who do not meet the above criteria.  Two thirds of the vote by the committee will be needed to obtain said waiver.  A team may be nominated for induction based on extraordinary accomplishments (i.e., NCAA Championship, ECAC Championship, Conference Championship).  It is recommended that coaches must have been a member of the UMass Boston/Boston State staff for five years or more, and are no longer coaching at UMass Boston in the sport for which they are being nominated.  Only the Vice Chancellor of Athletics may nominate contributors to or staff of the University's Athletic Department.  It is recommended that there shall be no more than ten (10) inductions per year.

Nominations shall be sought by the nomination forms listed below.  Nomination forms will be used for all qualified nominees.  Self nomination will not be accepted.  Athletic Hall of Fame nominations may be made by UMass Boston Alumni, students, faculty, staff, trustees and members of the general public.  Nominations shall be reviewed by the Hall of Fame committee.  In addition to the nomination form, please send supporting documentation including copies of newspaper clippings, documents and photos. It is the nominator's responsibility to provide all requested information by the deadline. Late or incomplete nomination forms will not be considered.

Please complete the following form to nominate former athletes, coaches, and others for induction into the Hall of Fame.
Nomination Form

Please complete the following form to nominate a team for induction into the Hall of Fame.
Nomination Form

The Vice Chancellor of Athletics & Recreation will notify the inductees.

The Governing Committee will review nominations with special attention given to balancing the eras represented as well as the variety of individuals and sports represented.  A deceased alumni, coach, administrator or player may be elected to the Hall of Fame with that individual's family member or representative eligible to accept the award.

Members of Hall of Fame

Class of 2018 - Release l Video 
Terry Condon Volleyball
Cassy Hanneman '12 Volleyball
Kristin Mulry '12 Women's Soccer
Tony Barros '07 Men's Basketball
Joseph Chavez '89 Men's Soccer
Kevin MacLean '77 Lacrosse
Richard Craven '70 Lacrosse/Men's Ice Hockey
Bill Jacobs '68 Baseball (posthumous)
2005-06 UMass Boston Mens' Basketball Team

Class of 2016
Stephen DeAngelis '71 Men's Ice Hockey
Arthur Murphy '78 Lacrosse
Adam Waxman '04 Baseball
Kate White-Connors '09 Volleyball
Ryan Donovan '10 Men's Ice Hockey (posthumous)
2010 UMass Boston Baseball Team 

Class of 2015
Frank Kelley '68 Men's Ice Hockey
Steve Hunt '78 Cross Country/Outdoor Track & Field
Michael Bogart '80 Football
Raymond Buckland '86 Men's Basketball
Chris Hanafin '07 Lacrosse
Katherine (McWhorter) Carlson '10 Volleyball
1996 UMass Boston Men's Lacrosse Team  

Class of 2014
William Poehler '70 Men's Basketball
Michael Beatrice '78 Football
Thomas Ferraro '81 Lacrosse
Robert Ferraro '95 Football
Brian Baharian '97 Lacrosse
Laura Delaney George '83 Volleyball & Softball
1982-83 UMass Boston Men's Basketball Team  

Class of 2013
Craig Cullen '72 Ice Hockey
Dan Hayes '79 Lacrosse
Bruce Lehane '70 Cross Country, Track and Field
Melissa Belmonte '11 Women's Ice Hockey
Nick Conway '08 Baseball
Katherine Wall '08 Women's Soccer, Women's Ice Hockey, Softball
1990 UMass Boston Men's Tennis Team

Class of 2012
Andrea Ciarletta '07 Ice Hockey, Softball
Honorable James P. Collins, III '73 Lacrosse, Football
Joe Curran '87 Ice Hockey
Mark Duggan '77 Cross-Country, Track and Field
Jack Lambert '00 Football, Men's Basketball, Baseball
Craig M. Lindgren '70 Men's Basketball, Golf
Louis Mancini '73 Wrestling
Mark Matanes '71 Baseball
Joseph P. McLean, Jr. '69 Men's Ice Hockey
1974-80 UMass Boston Men's Basketball Club Team

Class of 2011
Steven Burns '00 Football
John Douglas '71 Men's Basketball
Alfreda Harris, Women's Basketball Coach
Paul Murphy '77 Lacrosse, Wrestling, Soccer
Raymond O'Malley '71 Men's Ice Hockey
Dan Rea '70 Hockey, Baseball, Board of Trustees
Joshua Stolp '04 Lacrosse

Class of 2010
Levester Tubbs, Vice Chancellor
Paul Hughes '62 Baseball
Edward J. O'Donoghue '68 Indoor & Outdoor Track & Field
Frank Kelly '72, Men's Lacrosse
Bill Curley '81 Men's Ice Hockey
Larry Higginbottom '95 Men's Basketball
Kristen Bowes '03 Women's Soccer, Basketball & Softball

Class of 2009
Leo Dawson '74 Men's Lacrosse
Andreen Gilpin '04 Women's Basketball
Brian Leahy '71 Football, Contributor
Ed Miller '71 Men's Basketball
Quazi Sadruzzaman '04 Men's Tennis
Pat Sperduto '89 Football
Wayne Starkey '69 Men's Ice Hockey
1967-68 Men's Ice Hockey

Class of 2008
Robert A. Corrigan, Chancellor
Erle Garrett '74, Football
Frank Legro '75 Men's Ice Hockey
George MacKay '67 Men's Basketball/Track & Field
Nao Masamoto '01 Baseball
Edward Sullivan '69 Men's Ice Hockey
Michelle Wiliams '95 Indoor/Outdoor Track
John Yeager '76 Men's Lacrosse/Men's Soccer
1960 Baseball team
1981-82 Women's Basketball team

Class of 2007
Stephanie Bogues '95, Women's Basketball
Delores Booth '88, Indoor/Outdoor Track
Brian FitzGerald, Head Athletic Trainer
Ken Hall '84, Men's Basketball
Bill Joyce '79, Football
Dick Kelley ' 70, Men's Ice Hockey
Greg Olson '69 Track and Field
Kerri Quinn '95 Women's Basketball & Softball
Bill Rafuse '74, Men's Lacrosse
Bob Russell '70, Men's Ice Hockey
1966-67 Men's Basketball team
1972 Men's Lacrosse team

Class of 2006
Bussy Adam '81, Men's Lacrosse
Mary Barrett, Associate Athletic Director
Darrelle Boyd '89, Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
John Caccamo '75, Men's Ice Hockey
Paul Curran '90, Wrestling
Rodney Forbes '69, Men's Basketball
Sherman Hart, Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field Coach
Bill Innocent '92, Men's Ice Hockey
Frank McCarthy '66, Cross Country, Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field
Michael Mitchell, Special Contributions, Men's Basketball
Bob Reardon '69, Golf
Gordon Webb, Men's Lacrosse Coach
1965-66 Men's Ice Hockey team

Class of 2005
John Buckley '66 Men's Basketball
Carlos Fernandes '99 Men's Soccer
Jackie James '90, Women's Indoor & Outdoor Track

James Kent, Football, Lacrosse Coach
James Loscutoff Men's Basketball Coach
Robert Quinn '69 Men's Ice Hockey
Charlie Titus, Director of Athletics, Men's Basketball Coach
Carol Thomas '87, Women's Basketball, Women's Indoor Track & Outdoor Track
1981-82 Men's Ice Hockey team
1986-87 Women's Indoor Track & Field team

Class of 2004
William Berglund '70, Men's Ice Hockey
Porchia "Ann" Brissett '88, Women's Indoor/Outdoor Track
Joseph Casey '69, Men's Basketball
Catherine "Kit" Clark, UMass Trustee/Contributor
Murtonda Durant '89, Women's Indoor/Outdoor Track
Chris Harvey '87, Men's Lacrosse
Richard Leahy '70, Men's Ice Hockey
William Squires, Track & Field Head Coach
Gus Sullivan, Director of Athletics 1948-1978
1984-85 Indoor Track & Field team

Class of 2003
Edward T. Barry, Men's Ice Hockey Coach, Development Coordinator & Ice Rink Manager
Genesia Eddins '92, Women's Indoor/Outdoor Track
Eileen Fenton '91, Women's Basketball
John "Boo" Rice '85, Men's Basketball
1985-86 Women's Indoor Track and Field team
1986 Women's Outdoor Track and Field team