1974-80 UMass Boston Men's Basketball Club Team
1974-80 UMass Boston Men's Basketball Club Team
Year: Induction Class of 2012

A committed group of athletes, the basketball teams fielded by the club from 1974 to 1980 blazed the way for the current intercollegiate athletic program.  Led by UMass Boston Hall of Famer and current UMass Boston men’s basketball coach and Vice Chancellor Charlie Titus, these players were committed to building a program that did not exist on the UMass Boston campus before they arrived.

Their tireless efforts and worth ethic was nothing short of amazing as they competed against some of the top teams in the city of Boston and already established college teams.  Among the players that competed on these very special teams are UMass Boston Hall of Famers Michael Mitchell (Hall of Fame Class of 2006) and Larry Higginbottom ’95 (Hall of Fame Class of 2010). 

Members of the 1974-1980 UMass Boston Men’s Basketball Club Teams:

Coach Charlie Titus
Assistant Coach Rodney Hughes
Marshall Cooper
Noel Cotterell
Michael Curnier
John Degutis
Jay Digulio
Michael Dixon
Leslie Gibb
Charles Gibbs
Ernest Hartfield
Larry Higginbottom
David James
Gary McManus
Michael Mitchell
Joseph Mobilia
John O’Connor
Ricky Odom
Richard Payne
Autoro Russell
Stephen P. Scott
Calvin Shephard
Gary Stein
James “Satch” Suttles
Jimmy Taylor
Willie Tharps
Jeff Turner
Ricky Wilkerson
Joseph Wright
Joseph Zaccardo