Harbor Point Agreement

Community Partner: Harbor Point Apartment Community, Peninsula Partners Institutional partners: College of Public & Community Service, Division of Athletics & Recreation/Special Programs & Projects, and Division of Student Affairs

Purpose: To enhance coordination of, and access to, university services and programs in relation to community needs and opportunities in our immediate urban neighborhood.

Length of partnership: 2005 to 2025 (projected)

# of faculty: 4 (and 6 staff)

# of students: 600

Grant funding:

  • COPC, US Department of Housing & Urban Development, $150,000, completed 2006
  • Commonwealth Corporation 2008 - 2010 $50,000 per year.
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts.Learn & Serve Grant, CNS

Institutional Impact: UMass Boston has an Urban Mission that compels us to be responsible community members and good neighbors and the Harbor Point Apartment Community's proximity to our campus provides an excellent venue for the demonstration of our Urban Mission as well as a substantive opportunity for faculty research and student learning and service. Several hundred UMass Boston students are tenants at Harbor Point. Our Office of Student Housing provides roommate matching and community-building services and programming.

Community Impact: The residents of Harbor Point, a nationally acclaimed mixed income housing community that blends subsidized and fair market housing, have a very high level of access to the University's resources including athletic, technological, career development, and recreational/educational facilities and opportunities. UMass Boston students perform many hours of community service at Harbor Point including tutoring, senior citizen activities, beach and site clean-ups, etc.

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