Mission Statement

The mission of UMass Athletics & Recreation is to encourage all UMass students to discover and nurture the "total person" who enriches the world and brings honor to the university, now and throughout life. We encourage every student-athlete to be a champion in an environment where academic integrity, social responsibility, respect, and competitive excellence are highly valued. Consistent with the mission of the university, the Division of Athletics, Recreation, Special Programs and Projects is committed to nurturing human potential. The division is committed to the goals of diversity and fairness in its programs and in its dealings with student-athletes. Honesty and integrity serve as the foundation for all athletic endeavors.

At Left: The women's basketball team prepares for their annual Breast Cancer Walk as a way to raise money and awareness for this great charity.

The University of Massachusetts Boston aims to provide an athletics and recreation program that will equitably meet the individual needs, interests, and abilities of the students who participate. UMass Athletics & Recreation believes that significant educational value is derived from athletics and recreational participation. Benefits such as learning to pursue excellence, the value of teamwork and collaboration, the value of cross-cultural understanding and acceptance, personal character and leadership development, the importance of exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and adherence to the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and sportsmanship are all important educational lessons derived from athletic participation. The intercollegiate athletics and recreation programs are critical elements in the educational and personal development of both the general student population, as well as the student-athletes.

The athletics and recreation program provides the opportunity for its participants to develop personal excellence. Participation on an intercollegiate team will provide students with the opportunity to learn and develop values which foster self-discipline, teamwork, leadership skills, and fair play in an equitable and diverse environment. The overall development and welfare of each student is of paramount importance.