Drugs/Banned Substances

If the NCAA tests you for the banned drug classes [Bylaw and/or] and you test positive, you will be ineligible to participate in regular-season and postseason competition for up to one calendar year (365 days) after your positive drug test and you will be charged with the loss of a minimum of one season of participation in all sports. Note if you test positive a second time for the use of any drug, other than a "street drug" as defined in [Bylaw] will result in the loss of lifetime eligibility. In addition, a policy adopted by the NCAA Executive Committee establishes that the penalty for missing a scheduled drug test is the same as the penalty for testing positive for the use of a banned drug other than a street drug. [Bylaw]

If you are under a drug-testing suspension from a national or international sports governing body, you will not be eligible for NCAA intercollegiate competition for the duration of the suspension.

As a transfer student-athlete, if tested positive and you immediately transfer to a non-NCAA institution while ineligible and competes in collegiate competition within the 365-day period at non-NCAA institution, the student-athlete will be ineligible for all NCAA regular-season and postseason competition until the student-athlete completes the initial suspension at an NCAA institution.

2014-2015 NCAA Banned Drugs