In order to participate in intercollegiate athletics student-athletes must maintain an amateur status [Bylaw 12].  UMB’s athletic program, like many other membership institutions, is designed to maintain a clear line of demarcation between college athletics and professional sports. Amateur status and eligibility to compete at the collegiate level will be lost if you

1.    Taken pay, or promise of payment, for competing in that sport;
2.    Agreed (orally or in writing) to compete in professional athletics in that sport;
3.    Competed on any professional athletics team (as defined by the NCAA) in that sport or;
4.    Used your athletic skill for pay in any form of sport
5.    Accepted money, transportation, or other benefits for an agent or agreed to have an agent market your athletic ability or reputation
6.    After becoming a student-athlete, accepted any pay of promoting a commercial product or service.