Beacons Academy

What is Beacons Academy?

Beacons Academy is a collaboration between UMass Boston athletics, Blue Hill Ave Boys & Girls Club  and the Walter Denney Youth Center.  The purpose of Beacons Academy is to expose students in our local community to sports they may or may not have played through one hour teaching and instructional sessions with our intercollegiate coaches and athletes.  The goal of this program is to teach the sport but also teach the value of education, hard work and teamwork.

The UMB Women’s Basketball team kicked off Beacons Academy at a new place this year.  To further the mission and goals of Beacons Academy the program moved from the Dorchester YMCA/Codman Academy area to the Blue Hill Ave Boys & Girls Club.  The move helps our student athletes and coaches connect with a younger age group and helps serve the need of getting younger kids involved at a younger age.  The team and participants of the Blue Hill Ave Boys and Girls Club had a great time and enjoyed meeting student athletes from our University.  Next up….our Women’s Softball team.

Beacons Academy - On March 13th, 2014 the UMASS Boston Women’s Volleyball team continued the success of Beacons Academy by taking the team to both the Dorchester YMCA and the Walter Denney Boys and Girls Club,  a first for our women’s teams. With both groups our team had an opportunity to teach the game of Volleyball but also discuss the importance and challenges of being a student athlete. 

Beacons Academy – April 3rd, 2014 gave the Women’s Soccer team the chance to take part in Beacons Academy as the school year begins to wind down.  Girls from Codman Academy had a chance to interact with our players through soccer and other games.  

Beacons Academy – On March 6th, 2014 Beacons Academy took on a new look for the day.  Instead of one of our many intercollegiate teams working with the children, they had a chance to sit down and hear from our Compliance Officer/Assistant Academic Advisor Tracey Hathaway.  Tracey spoke to the students about the value of thinking about college early in their high school lives and why it’s important.  After the children finished listening they were given the chance to ask questions about everything from types of classes they should be taking, to the application process for college and what schools are looking for. A lot of information was learned and shared by all.

Beacons Academy – On January 29th, 2014 our Women’s Hockey team got their shot to participate in Beacons Academy as 7 of our student athletes traveled over to the Dorchester YMCA to teach the girls of Codman Academy the game of Ice Hockey through floor hockey.  The girls from Codman Academy and our student athletes had a great time getting to know one another through the game of hockey.

Beacons Academy - On January 23rd, 2014 the UMASS Boston Men’s Ice Hockey team kicked off the Spring Semester of Beacons Academy with two sessions. Players and coaches from the team discussed the importance of academics and preparation.  Immediately afterwards the players and students in attendance participated in a short hockey game. This was a great opportunity for the students to learn about our athletes and the game of hockey while giving our student athletes the opportunity to learn about the students and where they come from.

Beacons Academy - On December 5th, 2013 the last two sessions of the fall semester saw the Beacons Men’s Lacrosse team take part in Beacons Academy. Coach Low and his players made two stops, the first being at the Dorchester YMCA to work with the afterschool program of Codman Academy and the second at the Walter Denney Center right in our own backyard.  Each group had a chance to learn the game of Lacrosse, it’s rules and why it’s becoming such a big sport.  After the teaching was completed the students had an opportunity to play a mini game with our students athletes.

Beacons Academy – November 21st, 2013 saw our Women’s Softball team step into the Beacons Academy fold as they taught 25 girls from the Codman Academy school softball tips of the game and the importance of staying on the current course they’re on as it relates to education.  Coach Ardagna also took time to speak about some of her experiences as a student athlete, which helped bring the possibilities and realities to life.

Beacons Academy - On November 7th, 2013 the UMASS Boston Men’s Baseball team got back to work with the department wide Beacons Academy.  Coach Eygabroat and his players made two stops, the first being at the Dorchester YMCA to work with the afterschool program of Codman Academy and the second at the Walter Denney Center right in our own backyard.  With both groups Coach Eygabroat had the opportunity to discuss the importance of academics while teaching the fundamentals of baseball and the steps to becoming a good baseball player and teammate.

Beacons Academy – Thursday September 26th, 2013 brought another team into the fold of Beacons Academy as our Women’s basketball team had their opportunity to take part in this inaugural UMASS program.  Our women’s players worked with 25 excited young ladies from Codman Academy on the fundamentals of basketball and being ready being prepared in life and on the court.

Beacons Academy - On September 12th, 2013 the UMASS Boston Men’s Basketball team kicked off the inaugural class of UMASS Bostons athletics newest community outreach program,  Beacons Academy.  Players and coaches from the team discussed the importance of academics and preparation for college and what it takes to be a student athlete.  Once that portion was over the students in attendance were put through a 30 minute skills and drills sessions conducted by the UMB players.