Beacons Podcasting: UMass Boston Coaches and Former Players Have Been Sharing Their Knowledge

Beacons Podcasting: UMass Boston Coaches and Former Players Have Been Sharing Their Knowledge

BOSTON, Mass.—Several members of the UMass Boston Athletics community have taken time out of their busy summers to join or start podcasts over the past two weeks. 

UMass Boston Men's Hockey's Albee Daley and Liam Cavanagh  

Former men's hockey captain Albee Daley ('16) and former director of hockey operations Liam Cavanagh created their own podcast NGURadio. 

The pair who spent two seasons together on the Beacons campus, started their own podcast in attempt to shine a spotlight on mental health in athletics. Starting earlier this summer, they have hosted and produced four podcasts with guests from across the hockey world, including three current/former members of the USA Olympic Women's Hockey Team. In each episode, the duo have focused on "end(ing) the stigma of mental health" and their guests experience in dealing with mental health challenges in the sports world. 

Beacons fans can find all of the current and futures episodes for free on ITunes at the link below, and also check out their instagram (@nguradio):

Cross Country and Track & Field Coach Consandria Walker   

UMass Boston cross country and track & field Coach Consandria Walker was the guest on Episode 9 of the "Invisible Women in Sport" Podcast this week. 

Walker was interviewed by Mat Edelson, the host of the podcast, about how track & field has influenced her life and how she navigated being a woman of color in collegiate athletics. Walker also details her eight seasons at UMass Boston and how she has built the track & field program into a national championship winner. 

The "Invisible Women In Sport" podcast was created by the Institute for Sport & Social Justice. The podcast's goal is to spotlight how women have overcome adversity to make a significant impact in the field of athletics.  

The full thirty-minute episode can be found for free on ITunes at the link below: 

 Men's Hockey Coach Peter Belisle 

UMass Boston men's hockey coach Peter Belisle was interviewed last week on the final episode of this season of "Glass & Out."  

Belisle joined hosts Aaron Wilbur and Kelvin Cech to discuss how he has built the UMass Boston men's hockey program and how his hockey family influenced his path.  In particular, he focused on how the Beacons have recently been drawing some NHL buzz and how the Division III level has been narrowing the divide. 

The "Glass & Out Podcast" is part of The Coaches Site platform. The Coaches Site aims to be a resource to help coaches at all levels come up with new ideas and ways to improve. 

The full podcast can be found on at the link below, with Belisle's segment starting at 40:10: