NCAA Division III Week Student-Athlete Profile - Miguel Alcantar of Men's Soccer

NCAA Division III Week Student-Athlete Profile - Miguel Alcantar of Men's Soccer

Name: Miguel Alcantar
Sports: Men's Soccer
Majors: Social Psychology and Spanish
Graduation Year: Class of 2017

Q. What is something that UMass Boston student athletes do with their professors that other student athletes at colleges or universities might not do to develop the relationship with them?

A. Student-athletes communicate well with professors which develop a strong relationship with them. If the athlete is in season for their sport, the athlete might have to miss class because of games or even practice. The athlete is required to communicate with the professor so they know, and can get the work done before or after the game. 

Q. How do you feel about the student body at UMass Boston being a student athlete here?

A. I personally like our student body. We have different students compare to other institutions. UMass Boston is a commuter school so most students have jobs outside of school which makes different.

Q. What are the advantages of being a student athlete at UMass Boston?

A. Being able to meet other athletes as well as other students is an advantage. Also, being able to visit other schools and compete against them.

Q. For transfers, what is something different about this student athlete community than your previous school that you like or that you wish you could change? 

A. Everyone is so much more competitive, even against other UMass Boston sports. Everyone wants to be the best but we also support each other when the time comes.

Q. What are some keys to succeed as a student athlete? 

A. Learning how to manage your time correctly and always setting priorities. Students-athletes are students first.  

Q. How has being a student athlete and going to a commuter school better prepared you for the adult world after college? 

A. I learned many life skills during my four years here. For instance, I live in an apartment with six other guys, and I'm the one who takes care of collecting rent money and utilities, which made me more responsible. Also, working to pay rent. I currently work two jobs and time management is key.

Q. What's the biggest misconception that people (professors, other students, etc.) have about student athletes? 

A. Probably that we are above everyone else which is not true. Also, if the athlete doesn't communicate with the professor, they might think that they're just skipping class.

Q. What about being a student athlete at UMass Boston makes the college experience special?

A. We all celebrate big wins together, that makes it special.

Q. What is the biggest challenge you face as a student athlete? 

A. Scheduling classes around my work and soccer.  It is sometimes very hard to balance all three things, but I know I have to make it work to graduate.

Q. How do the athletic department and coaches support you to reach your academic goals? 

A. School comes first and they know that. They support us by allowing us to miss practice so we can make up work. Also, by providing us with information to do better in school.