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How will a gift to the Beacon Athletic Fund help me stay in contact with my favorite sport(s)?

Donors to the Beacon Athletic Fund can provide their sport preferences at the time of their donation. Each of the varsity programs will then communicate with the Beacon Athletic Fund donors interested in their sport via e-mail, events, newsletters, and/or other special communications.

How will my Beacon Athletic Fund gift financially benefit the sport(s) I support?

The money raised by the Beacon Athletic Fund will provide program support to all 18 varsity sports programs. Program support includes, but is not limited to, providing funds for recruiting, travel, team meals.

Can I still give to my favorite sport(s)?

 Gifts can be made to an individual sport, and like Beacon Athletic Fund donations, will be applied to the budget of that sport in the year of the donation.  Gifts designated for a particular sport must designate the desired sport on the check or pledge form.  Individual sports programs also have the opportunity to generate revenue from events including, but not limited to, golf tournaments, clinics, and auctions.

Does my annual Beacon Athletic Fund gift qualify for benefits?

Yes, donors will receive benefits within six months after the gift has been posted.  

If I attended a Beacon Athletic Fund event (i.e. Golf Tournament or Hall of Fame), will the payment count as part of my yearly contribution?

The golf outing and the UMASS Boston Hall of Fame events require a paid admission and are not counted as an annual gift. 

My wife and I work at two different companies that have their own matching gift programs.  How will we be credited for our gift if we applied for matching funds from both?

If each company matches your gift to athletics, then you will receive FULL matching credit for the total contribution. As a result you can not only double your gift but you might be able to triple or even quadruple your gift depending on the company’s matching gift policy.  Please be sure to notify the Beacon Athletic Fund office if this is a possibility for proper credit. 

Can my gift to the Beacon Athletic Fund count toward my undergraduate reunion class gift?

Yes, gifts to the Beacon Athletic Fund count toward your undergraduate reunion class giving total. Reunion gifts can be made as either a one-time gift or a five-year pledge.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, all donations to the Beacon Athletic Fund are tax-deductible.  IRS Regulations require that the tax-deductible portion of your membership benefit be reduced by the total of the goods/services received in exchange for your donation.  Unless you indicate otherwise, these deductions will be automatically deducted from your gift as listed under membership benefits. 

If you have any additional questions, please email us at  Thank you for your support of the Beacon Athletic Fund!

For more information, please contact the Beacon Athletic Fund at (617) 287-5738 (Kevin McCluskey) or email