Academic Support Services

Academic Advising

All student-athletes have access to the SASS staff to receive advising on general education and major requirements. Advisors also help schedule courses and inform student-athletes of academic eligibility requirements. Students may make an appointment or stop in during open hours.

Academic Monitoring

SASS takes on the role of tracking academic progress. Staff members are in contact with professors through semester progress reports, phone calls and email throughout the semester. This information is used to identify problem areas and make recommendations for improvement.

Class Registration

Student athletes have the opportunity to register for classes on the first available date. You are responsible for clearing ALL registration holds (late fees, library, Immunization). Advising meetings are mandatory for all student athletes prior to registration.


SASS staff members act as liaisons to the rest of the University community and are trained to provide the appropriate referrals to other campus resources and departments.


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Study Hall

Study hall is mandatory for all first year and transfer student athletes or anyone with a cum gpa of 2.5 or lower. Held in the Clark Academic Center, each student is required to attend four hours per week for the Fall or incoming semester. Once a student completes 12 credits at 2.5 or higher, study hall is no longer required. Consequences for non-compliant behavior will be determined by head coach and SASS staff.

Missed Class Policy

Due to competition schedules, it may be necessary for student-athletes to miss an occasional day (or partial day) of class. When this is going to happen, your coach will provide you with a Missed Class Form verifying your reason for being absent; along with the dates and times you will be missing.

If you are going to miss a class, you are responsible for:

· Obtaining the Missed Class form from your coach at start of preseason

· Presenting the Missed Class form to each of your professors, have them sign and return to Academic Counselor prior to start of season

· Making arrangements with your teacher for completing any missed exams, quizzes, papers or other assignments in a timely manner. If at all possible, make arrangements in advance! Plan ahead!!

· Understanding that teachers are only obligated to make reasonable accommodations for you to make up work; you must agree to their guidelines and not demand your own.

Financial Aid

· Every student-athlete should apply for financial aid. The free application can be completed online by clicking here

· The application for financial aid is generally available by January 15 for the academic year starting the following September. YOU MUST HAVE A COMPLETE AND ACCURATE FAFSA ON FILE BY MARCH 1ST.