Our mission is to provide guidance to the entire UMass Boston community with regard to the rules, regulations, and standards which mandate integrity and fair play in all our affairs. Above all else, we exist to promote and protect the health and well-being of our Student-Athletes, our Department of Athletics, and the Institution.

Student Athlete Code of Conduct

Academic Responsibilities

Summary of NCAA Regulations

As a student-athlete at UMass Boston, there are also a few forms that are necessary for you to fill out completely. They are as follows:

Student Athlete Clearance:

Student-Athlete Form (.pdf) - must be completed by all new and returning UMass Boston student-athletes

Please print out the appropriate form, fill out and return to:

Tracey Hathaway - Compliance Officer/Assistant Academic Advisor

If you have any questions, contact Tracey by email at tracey.hathaway@umb.edu or by phone at 617-287-5280.